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Requirements to enter Miss Namibia 2019

11 Rules for anyone thinking of entering Miss Namibia 2019

∙ You must be older than 19 or younger than 26 by 1 February 2019.

∙ You must be a Namibian Citizen with a valid Namibian ID or Passport.

∙ You must have a Matric Certificate or “equivalent qualification”.

∙ You must be at least 1.68m tall.

∙ You cannot be married and you must never have had a marriage


∙ You cannot be engaged.

∙ You must never have been pregnant or have given birth and you

cannot be pregnant at the time of the pageant.

∙ You must be born as female.

∙ You must not have any visible tattoos.

∙ You must have no criminal record.

∙ You must be “truthful in respect of all matters in relation to the

run-up to the pageant, the pageant itself and the period of the

pageant”. Any “false information” will lead to your disqualification.

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